How you can support

How can I get involved?

This campaign would not be possible without various groups and community members that have stood up in support of the Awan family. Obtaining status for Mrs. Awan is also very much dependent on strong community voices and people like yourselves, coming together to demand justice for the Awan family. Join us!
Here are a few things that you can do :
1) Sign the statement of support and participate in the photo solidarity action! These are two quick and super important ways to publicly state your support for the Awan family. To read and sign the statement of support, click here. Please also encourage any community group you are a part of to sign the statement, or to write its’ own letter in support of Mrs. Awan’s struggle.
We also invite allies to participate in the photo solidarity action- a creative action that helps to break the isolation so common when migrants decide to stay despite losing their status. To send a photo or message of solidarity message, visit :
2) Share this information with your networks!  Please share this message, website, or Facebook page with your friends, family, and community members, particularly any  community or religious organization that you are a part of! At this point, only public pressure will make an embarrassed Immigration minister do the right thing. Given Mrs. Awan’s health, and the impact this situation is having on the entire family, we want him to act immediately.
3) Fundraising!  Right now, there are many fundraising needs. Covering health bills, legal fees, and everyday needs of the family, is a huge ongoing challenge.
If you want to fundraise for the family, please contact us through the e-mail address below.  We would be happy to send you  more information or anything that could be helpful.
Donate online here *be sure to specify that it is for the Awan family* : paypal-donate-button

AND FINALLY….Plan an action or join our public campaign!   If you have ideas for a creative action to raise awareness about the Awan family, or you wish to help us in mobilizing different organizations and individuals, please get in touch at

facebook: Solidarité avec la famille Awan/ Justice for the Awan Family

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