Media compilation

+ September 22, 2014, Press Conference: “After one year, Mrs. Awan leaves sanctuary but remains without status

(Montreal Gazette) Montreal family asks for reprieve from deportation for ill relative:

(Le Devoir) Kurshid Begum Awan est sortie de son église en août dernier:

(Global News) Khurshid Begum Awan leaves Montreal Anglican church refuge for medical care:

(CJAD) Ailing Pakistani grandmother forced to leave church sanctuary:

(CTV News) Daughter pleads to keep sick mother in Canada:

+ April 4, 2014 (Refugee Rights Day):

(Rabble News) In refuge on Refugee Rights Day: The Awan family story                                  

+ February 18, 2014:

VIDEO: (Radio Canada) Le Canada, terre d’asile?                           

+ February 14, 2014:

(The Anglican Journal) Mulcair meets refugee in sanctuary                                                         

K,interviewAnushka(RE)Volver: Khurshid in Sanctuary:

(RE)Volver visits Khurshid Begum Awan in a Montreal church as she and her family marked 100 days of sanctuary in her struggle to avoid deportation and separation from her daughter, Tahira Awan and her grandson, Ali. Although Khurshid is present and speaks during the interview, most of her story is intertwined with and relayed by her daughter, Tahira Awan. The interview is primarily in Urdu with some English translation by Farha, a member of the Awan family support committee.

+ December 18, 2013 (International Migrants Day):

(Le Devoir) Journée internationale des migrants – Des politiques nuisibles à la santé des personnes                                                                                                                                                            

+ November 28, 2013: 100 Days of Sanctuary Too Many! :

Audio:,17:00 starting at 4:00

*(24h Montréal) “Manifestation de soutien à une Pakistanaise menacée d’expulsion”:

*(CJAD) “Demo demands halt to Pakistani grandmother’s deportation”:

 + October 8, 2013: Press Conference, Asylum-seeker in church sanctuary in Montreal: “We want to stop being afraid”:

(Global news) Refugee seeks asylum in Montreal church                                                                

(CJAD) Ailing Pakistani refugee seeks sanctuary in church                 

(CBC News) Ailing grandmother avoids deportation at Montreal church

(Journal de Montréal) Un Pakistanaise se réfugie dans une  église

+ July 2013

– Video: (Montreal Gazette) “Facing Deportation”:

(Toronto Star) Border officials slammed for arresting woman in hospital emergency room:     

 (Journal de Montreal) Une réfugiée arrêtée sur son lit d’hôpital:

(Journal Metro) Critiques contre l’Agence des services frontaliers:
(Montreal Gazette) Woman Faces Deportation Despite Heart Condition:
(CBC) Sick Pakistani Refugee in Montreal Fears Deportation:
(CJAD) Pakistani woman facing deportation after heart attack: