Call for support! Write to the National Post in support of the Awan family

The National Post’s John Ivison, known for his atrocious attacks on refugees (see article “Gay Mexican has better shot than Darfur refugee” for context), is at it again. He has just published an article praising the Conservative government’s devastatingly repressive changes to the immigration and refugee system, and blasting the Awan family’s struggle as lacking credibility.

We are enraged by this harmful misrepresentation of the Awan family. Ivison blatantly disregards the very serious heart condition and other health complications that Khurshid Begum Awan suffers from on a daily basis. Furthermore, he ignores the strong humanitarian reasons for which she should be granted status immediately, including that her life is here alongside her young grandson Ali and her daughter Tahira, who both live in Montreal.

We encourage supporters to write to the National Post to denounce Ivison’s pandering to blatantly racist anti-refugee rhetoric. Please write to the editor in support of the Awan family, and their demands that Khurshid Begum Awan be granted permanent status, and be reunited with her husband here, in Montreal, so the family can live in dignity.

More specifically, we also ask that supporters request the newspaper to publish a more balanced view of the family, represented by people in Montreal who actually know and support the family. We believe that a strong collective response could prompt the paper to publish a counter-response

–> Write to John Ivison directly:                                                             –> cc the National Post editorial staff:                                                 –> and the Awan family support committee:

Thanks and much solidarity,

Awan Family Support Committee