(December 18) Press Release: Yarn-bombing on International Migrants Day to demand justice for the Awan family and freedom for all migrants

Presse Release


When: December 18th, 2013, 8AM (we will begin mounting at 7:30 AM)

Where: Citizenship and Immigration Office, corner of Peel and St-Antoine

Photos by Thien V.: http://quelquesmoments.tumblr.com/

MONTREAL, December 18, 2013- Lamp-posts surrounding the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office were covered in brightly coloured yarn this morning, as part of a yarn-bombing action held by members of the Awan Family Support Committee and the Collectif No Borders. The action took place on International Migrants Day, a day observed to commemorate the collective struggles of migrants worldwide. It also aims to highlight the struggle of the Awan family for status, justice and dignity.

MigrantDay2013banner“Today, we mark International Migrants Day by acknowledging a fierce woman in our lives. We acknowledge Khurshid’s meticulous and intricate knitting as she awaits freedom hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second. We affirm this human being’s persistence in fighting the violence of deportation by placing strings of yarn, woven into this tapestry of her resistance.” said Farha Najah Hussain, a member of the Awan Family Support Committee.

Since August 2013, Khurshid Begum Awan has courageously defied a deportation order and taken refuge in a Montreal church. As such, she has been forced to miss numerous medical appointments, has been subjected to intimidation by the CBSA, and has endured tremendous stress on a daily basis. In her time behind church walls, knitting has become an important part of Mrs. Awan’s daily life. Not only does it enable her to pass the time, but it has also been a way for her to care for hose she loves. MigrantDay2013banner2

“One thread combined together makes a shirt. Just as people keep warm with such clothes, they are protected”, said Khurshid Begum Awan, from the church in which she is taking sanctuary.  “Similarly, my family and I want to be protected from violence and injustice.”
The installation also featured clay figurine inserts, aiming to assert organizers’ collective vision for tightly-knit communities and their hope that no others will slip through the cracks of the immigration system. Organizers are holding this action to demand status for Khurshid Begum Awan, and freedom for all migrants.MigrantDay2013yarn
Source: Justice for the Awan family- soutienfamilleawan.org