(Dec. 11 & 16) Knitting action in solidarity with the Awan family and for justice for all migrants!

Calling on all knitters, crocheters, banner and craft-makers! **  Please spread the word!knittingperson
December 11 & 16:
5-9pm at Coop Le Milieu (1251 rue Robin, metro Beaudry)

For those who were unable to come to the workshop on Wednesday,  you can still help us with the action!

We’re in need of:

- Knitted or crocheted squares of one square foot, in YELLOW and/or GREEN.  Bring your squares to Coop Le Milieu before 5pm on Monday, December 16 OR come lend a hand in assembling the final piece, from 5pm to 9pm!

- We’re looking for people to help put the piece up on the morning of December 18th (this means getting up early!)

If you can help / knit / crochet something, or if you can come Monday night, or Wednesday morning, please get in touch with us: soutien.famille.awan@gmail.com


The Awan Family Support Committee, in collaboration with the No Borders Collective, is planning an action on December 18th to commemorate International Migrants Day. The action aims to demand status for Mrs. Khurshid Begum Awan, who has been in sanctuary in a Montreal church since this summer, and to demand freedom for all migrants.

Since her time in sanctuary, Mrs. Awan`s experience has been one marked by enormous powerlessness, frustration, fear, stress, but also incredible strength and determination. Deprived of the ability to buy groceries or cook for her family and guests, visit people in her neighborhood or take walks for fresh air, knitting has become an important aspect of Mrs. Awan’s daily life.  It is not only an important way for Mrs Awan to pass the time, but also for her to express her love by making things for the people she cares about.  For us, it is important to share and honour this, and other facets of her identity, in her fight for status, justice, and dignity.
We therefore invite you to a collective knit-crochet-craft-in on Wednesday, December 11, 5-9pm at Coop Le Milieu
1251 Robin
(metro Beaudry).
Come when you can and for as long as you wish.  If you cannot make the meeting but want to get involved, please get in touch with us at soutien.famille.awan@gmail.com (we may have some patterns.explanations.instructions for people who will be knitting from home).
We will also be returning to the Coop Le Milieu (1251 Robin) on Monday, December 16th 5-9pm to assemble the collective piece!
Khurshid Begum Awan is a Pakistani refugee who courageously decided to defy a deportation order issued on August 21st, 2013. Since then, she has been forced to live in a church in Montreal, waiting for her status to be regularized. This has forced her to miss medical appointments and endure intimidation by Canada Borders Service Agents (CBSA). If deported to Pakistan, Mrs. Awan will be at risk of multiple forms of violence, including death due to lack of proper health care and murder by members of the anti-Shia group, Sipah-e-Sahaba.  Deportation for Mrs Awan also means indefinite if not permanent separation from her daughter Tahira Malik, a refugee and now Canadian citizen who has lived in Canada for 13 years, and teenage grandson whom she raised as her own son.